Our History

It all started over 75 years ago....

Many cities worldwide host a Christmas parade to celebrate the festive season. The Christchurch Santa Parade has been a Canterbury tradition for over 75 years.

The Parade tradition in Christchurch was started by James Hay in 1947, named the Hay’s Christmas Pageant after his popular retail store “Hay’s”.

In 1991, a volunteer trust (The Christchurch Children’s Christmas Parade Trust) was formed to maintain the floats throughout the year and raise the funds needed to stage the annual event.

(If you are interested in getting involved with the parade in any way, please fill in our contact form and we will get back to you. We are always looking for help in all aspects of running an event of this size.)

From its inception, the Christchurch Santa Parade has grown to become one of the largest, best-loved Christmas parades in New Zealand and a must-see for the children of Christchurch.

In 2022 the traditional street parade was reinvented with a brand new “Show Parade” experience at the Canterbury Agricultural Park, creating a new Christmas tradition for the city

The Christchurch Christmas Show Parade!
“We hope to see you there”